Benefits Of Being a Web Developer

Hey, what’s going on guys in this article I want to talk about the Benefits Of Being a Web Developer or even just any kind of software developer and this is for both people that are aspiring to be developers and people that maybe might be working as a web developer but have kind of a lack of motivation and maybe forgot why you got into this industry in the first place.

Benefits Of Being a Web Developer

1. The Pay

The Pay

It’s a pretty high paying job it’s not the absolute highest in tech but it can be up there and that’s not including side projects and things you can do on your own to create revenue streams and even just as a nine-to-five developer you can live pretty well you can make six figures a year according to Glassdoor the average salary for a web developer is about ninety caper year and I wouldn’t say go into this Industry or any industry strictly for the money.

I’m a big fan of doing what you love even if it pays a little less, for instance, a career like let’s say a data scientists they make more money than web developers do but that’s not something that I’d want to do all day I’d rather take a little hit in salary and do something that doesn’t really feel like work that I really enjoy doing and I’m going to talk about this in a few minutes but it’s also one of the highest paying jobs.

You can get without having a college degree and yes a degree does make it easier to get hired in many cases but there’s plenty of devs out there that that don’t have college degrees that are very successful.

2. This Industry Isn’t Going Anywhere

This Industry Isn't Going Anywhere

So the next one is that this industry isn’t going anywhere web development is a very sought after job and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon we’re always going to need websites, web apps web services and so on it was ranked number eight in the US News and World Report for the best tech job in 2018. if you think about it, every Industry either needs or could benefit in some way from web development or software development.

If you think of the different projects, you can create for healthcare hobbyists schools, whatever it might be from simple websites to highly targeted in each web or mobile apps, some people complain about software like Wix and other website builders. It’s not targeted enough to build what the client needs and even if it is most of the time in my experience the client does not want to doesn’t want to do it.

They’re not interested in building their website or they don’t want to take the time to learn even if it’s just drag-and-drop it still takes time to learn. Many of them want professionals to do the job unless they’re just dead broke and can’t afford it and have to do it themselves.

3. You Can Be Self-Taught

You Can Be Self-Taught

So the next one is that you can be self-taught that this is one of the biggest advantages in my opinion is that you can do this being a hundred percent self-taught so offer development in general is just full of college dropouts and people that never went to college and again having a degree can make you more employable.

In my experience having a really nice portfolio with projects that prove that you can do the job is more valuable than that piece of paper and of course, you could do both you could go to college try really hard get a degree and have a good portfolio but college is very time consuming so a lot of the time.

You don’t you just don’t have the time to create projects for your portfolio you know being self-taught you can learn almost for free I mean you have the documentation you have tutorials you have very cheap you know $10 courses on udemy that you can take that will teach you very modern technologies

If you don’t have the discipline to be self-taught if you can’t basically create your own curriculums and stuff like that I know a lot of people have that problem you always have boot camps I really like boot camps because they teach you relevant technology you know modern skills that you’re gonna need and it’s very short it’s a lot cheaper than college and a lot of them actually help you find a job so I’m definitely a fan of boot camps.

4. It Isn’t Boring

So the next one is that it isn’t boring and it depends on you know who you’re talking to if you ask my wife she’ll say coding is the most boring thing on the planet but most people that think that have never really built anything once you start building things and seeing results and learning.

It’s extremely satisfying you know not to pick on mechanical engineers or electrical engineers or some professions like that but those are very standardized careers where you have a strict process you have to follow a strict set of rules it’s very repetitive and in almost mind-numbing and the reason I love web development programming is because of the creative freedom to build whatever you want you don’t have this strict set of guidelines or set of technologies that you have to use for every single project obviously every company is different.

I’m sure there’s a lot of dev jobs where it’s somewhat boring and you’re building the same thing all the time but a lot of companies are most good companies embrace creativity and if you’re working for a company where you’re doing the same crap every day and you’re using old technology and they won’t listen to you if you want to try something different then it might be time to look for a new job.

5. Work for Yourself

So the next one is you’re able to work for yourself you know give being a web developer gives you the skills to create stuff on your own time even if you have a day job you can work on your own side projects and also turn them into a business and make some money you can go into business for yourself as a freelancer get your own clients.

This is something that you really can’t do in many other professions even tech professions like let’s say data science it’s very hard to be a freelancer for data science usually you’re gonna have to get a job with a large cool operation that actually needs data science when you can code you and you have an idea.

You can create that from scratch and you can throw it up on a server all on your own again not something that you can do in many professions some other ideas that you could do to make money as a web developer are building plugins themes other types of software content creation and education which of course is what I do consulting for companies things like that freelancing.

It opens up a world of possibilities and I always suggest that web developers also learn a little bit about business and kind of shoot for having your own business someday rather than just being a code monkey for some big corporation although I do think that’s an important step is that you do work for a company but I do advise people to think bigger in the long run.

6. Work from Home

Work from Home

So the next one is a lot of times we can work from home or not just home but work from anywhere. This kind of goes with the last one which is work for yourself so to be any web developer or software engineer all you need is a decent laptop and an internet connection so many companies will let their employees work from home a lot of times.

You have to be there for a while they have to be able to trust you but a lot of them will let you work from home at least part-time also running your own company is easier than it is in most other professions so if we look at for instance my wife who’s a hairdresser for her to start her own business she needs a place you know she needs to rent out a place that has chairs and sinks and all that crap or she has to spend thousands of dollars to put it in her house so that she can do it from home.

As web developers, we can sit on our couch with a laptop and go to town, and I’ve worked from home for many years. I couldn’t imagine going into a stuffy office every day, and I take that for granted sometimes, and of course, you know working from home does have its downsides as far as mental health and social skills.

You can do to help that you know you can go out and go to a Starbucks or you can even rent out a small cheap office space which I do I don’t use it that much, but I do have that other area that I can go to if you know being at home is driving me nuts and also if you’re on vacation you know you can work from the hotel things like that, so it’s just very convenient

7. Become A Better Thinker and Learner

So the next one is weird, but I believe this is true. It makes you a better thinker and learner, and when you spend your days solving problems and coming up with creative solutions, you’re constantly training your brain. You start to think like a programmer I think that most programmers think in a certain way and learn in a certain way and many cases, this can help you figure things out in life much easier and look at things more logically.

You know it can even make you smarter. Things like politics because you can think more logically which is something that a lot of our politicians don’t seem to do very well it also makes you a better learner because we’re constantly learning new things you know there’s new frameworks new libraries almost every project you’re learning something new.

So we learn how to learn, and this makes it easier if you want to take up something else maybe you want to start looking into investing in stocks or something else to do with business or something else altogether. After years of programming and researching, I think it helps you find what you need to learn about anything and absorb it into your mind in a practical way.

8. Seeing Results

so the last one sees results, and this is one of the things that intrigued me to get into coding in particular web development was being able to create things even small front-end projects the first time I created like a JavaScript calculator it gave me satisfaction even if you know I followed along with a tutorial and this may not happen for everyone. Still, I love building things, and you know building things I can see and that other people can use and so on, and you can put it live on the internet and share it with the world.

Whether it’s your project or something you built with a team and not only that other people can use your applications or tools or whatever it is you build, and that’s a great feeling you can also build your tools to make your life easier or help you out in some way so as an example I suffer from constant vertigo and migraines. I’m working on an app to track my episodes the level of intensity.

You know what I was doing at the time things like that so it could benefit my health becoming a web developer. Many people don’t think of this stuff when they decide to learn how to code. They strictly think of how much money I will make what kind of job you know what company I will work for, but there’s just so many other things you can do. I think that’s you know that that’s what I love about doing this, but that’s it guys hope you enjoyed this and took something from it.


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