Top 10 Best Programming languages to Learn in 2020. If you are new to the field of software development, the most challenging part of learning programming is to decide where to start. There are hundreds of programming each with its complexities and unknowns.

If you are new to the field of software development, the most challenging part of learning programming is to decide where to start. There are hundreds of programming each with its complexities and unknowns.

Top 10 Programming languages to Learn in 2020

Programming languages to Learn in 2020

01. JavaScript

According to stack overflow’s 2018 developer survey, JavaScript is the most popular language among developers for the sixth year in a row. It’s hard to be a developer these days without using JavaScript. There are also several libraries and FRAMEWORKS to make JavaScript development easier. Some of the most frameworks papular attached Angular, React, Vue, Ember, and jQuery. A JavaScript developer will need experience with one or more of these.

02. Python

Python is second in the list. It is also the best programming language to learn first. Python is a fast, easy to use, and available programming language that is being widely used to develop the best web application. YouTube, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, Instagram, are all built-in Python.

Python provides excellent library support and has a large developer community. The programming language offers a vital role starting point for beginners. Talking about people who are looking for a better job, you should learn Python As soon as possible! A lot of Startups are using Python. It opens up a massive opportunity for full-stack Python developers.

03. Java

Java is another popular option in large organizations and has been so for decades. Java is used for building enterprise-scale web new applications. Java is considered extraordinarily stable and, therefore, has been adopted by many large enterprises.

If you are looking for a development based job in a large organization, Java is the language you should learn. Java is also used in Android App making. Almost any business today needs Android applications because there are billions of Android users today.

This opens up an easy opportunity for Java developers, given the fact that Google has created an excellent Java-based Android development framework – Android Studio

04. C / C ++

Almost all low-level persons such as operating persons, file maker are written in C / C++. If you want to become a system-level programmer, then C / C ++ is the language you should learn.

Competing programmers widely use C ++ because it is speedy and stable. C ++ also offers something called STL – Standard Template Library. STL is a pool of ready-that is-use in libraries for various data stored and structures, arithmetic operations, and algorithms.

Library support and language speed make it a popular choice in the high-frequency business community as well.

05. Go

Google created the Go programming language. Go provides excellent support for multi-threading get, and therefore, it is being used by a lot of companies that heavily on distributed systems.

Go is also more used in startups in Silicon Valley. Those who want to join a valley-based startup specializing in core systems should master Golan’s.

06. R

The R programming language is one of the most commonly used programming languages for data analysis and machine learning.

R provides excellent frameworks and built-in libraries to develop powerful machine learning algorithms. R is used for general statistical computing as well as graphics. R is well adopted by enterprises.

Those who want to join the “analytics” team of a large organization must learn R.

07. Swift

Swift is the programming language used to develop iOS applications. iOS-based devices are becoming increasingly popular.

For example, the Apple iPhone has captured a significant market share and is giving a tough competition to Android. Therefore, those who want to join this community can learn Swift programming.

08. Php

PHP is one of the most popular backend programming languages. Although PHP is facing stiff competition from Python and JavaScript, the market is still experiencing large numbers of PHP applications.

09. C#

C # is a general programming language developed by Microsoft. C # is widely used to build the backend of Windows Phone applications.

10. Matlab

MATLAB is a statistical analysis tool that is used in various industries for data analysis and stored. MATLAB is also widely used in the computer vision and image processing industry.


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